MOJO Day Trading has become a name on Wall Street for stellar stock picking and trading education. ProTrader Mike will show you exactly how to become a profitable stock trader even if you're an beginning trader. The Stock Trading Course provides you with the knowledge and skills to properly trade and manage risk in today's stock market. ProTrader Mike has built an interactive classroom with a comprehensive lesson plan that will transform you into a ProTrader.

The courses contains the complete start to finish for MOJO University courses taught live and then recorded for your viewing and learning pleasure. Anyone interested in Stock Trading this is your ultimate package of educational mentoring and instruction with online video recordings of the live classes that is available today. Start learning immediately then apply the systems in real time during market hours and take your trading game to the next level.

All courses are in HD Video format and can be accessed on any device 24/7 worldwide.

In this course you'll learn the necessary skills and be supplied the same tools as hundreds of successful ProTrader's have currently used. You will get coached directly by ProTrader Mike making sure you can trade on the path to profitability. These day trading lessons deliver everything you need to be successful in the hard day trading game.

You will gain the knowledge required to build an effective rules based business system based on positive expectancy. Learning how to use a solid set of rules to operate in the live market gives you the ability to unemotionally identify trading opportunities and execute with the precision needed for successful trading.

As a MOJO University student, you will observe and trade directly with ProTrader Mike utilizing the trading tools taught in the course to identify, execute and manage trading opportunities in real trading market situations. Ongoing continuing education is the key step in the process of becoming a successful ProTrader.

Your Instructor

ProTrader Mike
ProTrader Mike
ProTrader Mike, the visionary behind MOJO Day Trading, embarked on his mission twelve years ago with a singular purpose: to empower traders to achieve financial independence through strategic investing. With a dedication to sharing his wealth of knowledge, he has mentored thousands of traders, guiding them on the path to success in the dynamic world of finance.
Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, ProTrader Mike's expertise extends across various financial markets, from stocks to futures and cryptocurrencies. His proprietary trading system, akin to a well-oiled machine finely tuned over years of experience, sets traders on a trajectory toward consistent profitability.
Beyond mere numbers, ProTrader Mike's approach emphasizes holistic risk management, blending psychological insights with tactical maneuvers to navigate market fluctuations with confidence. His commitment to transparency and accessibility is evident in his comprehensive educational resources, which serve as indispensable tools for traders at every level.
ProTrader Mike's influence transcends the realm of trading, touching the lives of individuals seeking to unlock their potential for financial success. As a beacon of inspiration and innovation in the industry, he continues to pave the way for aspiring traders to thrive in an ever-evolving market landscape.

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Are these courses a subscription?
No - you own these courses and there is NO monthly subscription.
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Please consider before purchasing. There are no refunds after accessing the course for the first time.